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Задание N3 Описание картинки.

Task 3. These are photos from your photo album. Choose one photo to describe to your friend. You will have to start speaking in 1.5  minutes and will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). In your talk remember to speak about:

  • where and when the photo was taken
  • what/who is in the photo
  • what is happening
  • why you keep the photo in your album
  • why you decided to show the picture to your friend

Предполагается что за полторы минуты вы подготовитесь (устно, что-то записать на экзамене не получится) к спонтанному ответу. Однако, формат задания таков что к нему можно подготовить шаблон, чем мы и займемся. Грамотно составленный шаблон позволит вам сократить количество ошибок, уложиться по времени и раскрыть все пункты.


I’ve chosen photo number ... (техническая фраза)

Hey, Steve. Look, there is a photo I wanted to show you.

• where and when the photo was taken (1 предложение)

I took it last year/two weeks ago. We were on a holiday to Italy/in town/ home.

• what/who is in the photo (1-2 предложения)

on the left/at the front/In the background/In the middle

There is my family in the photo. My mother and my siblings.

• what is happening (3-4 предложения ) максимально описываем происходящее, действия. Самая частая ошибка попытка рассказать предисторию фотографии вместо ее описания.

They are posing for the photo. They are sitting on rocks. Mom is holding my little sister and smiling at me. My brother is sitting next to her. On the background you can see the Mediterranean Sea  

• why you keep the photo in your album (3-4 предложения) 

I always wanted to become a photographer. I always take a lot of pictures and I keep them all in my album to check my progress from time to time.

• why you decided to show the picture to your friend (3-4 предложения)

I decided to show you the picture because you always asked me about my mom. So, now you know how she looks. Would you like to meet her?


By the way, what do you think about the photo? Is it good?

That's all I wanted to say.

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